The Wordwide "Time Critical" 
& "Next Flight Out" shipping specialist.

Whether  you're  a pharmaceutical  company or a clinical research organization, 
a university, a bank, a hospital,  a biotech
firm or a chemical company, when it comes
to transportation, you want to deal with qualified people who understand all your specific needs and requirements.
What you need is an experienced specialist, i.e. one that handles only "Time Critical" & "Next Flight Out" transportation  and nothing else.     At Odyssey Carat, we do just that !



    For all your shipments,  blood  and  blood samples,  infectious substances, clinical trails or clinical studies, chemical products or chemical samples, tissue samples, diagnostic  specimens or  organ for  transplant, car parts, computer parts or aircraft parts, you can rely on Odyssey Carat to handle it with unrivaled speed.  
  We provide you the fastest , guaranteed  door-to-door service worldwide, available 24 hours a day, all 365 days a year.  
  Odyssey Carat and the 3 specialized departments is the expert of the "Time Critical" shipping.
Our highly trained and experienced staff, our agents and partners nationwide and worldwide will provide the quality and service requirements the business community demands.
  From across the country to around the world, we can co-ordinate and deliver any medical, pharmaceutical or chemical shipment,  meeting  every  deadline,  every  packaging  and  customs  requirement every single time.    



"Corporate", dedicated to the Financial Industry.
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"Motor Sport", dedicated to the racing teams.
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"M.P.C." (Médical, Pharmaceutical, Chemical).
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To find out what precisely Odyssey Carat can do for your business, please contact us.